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If AFSCME Breaks With Black Colleges Over Koch Money, It’s Not Being Principled, It’s Grandstanding

The union’s stance—withdrawing support because the UNCF took Koch money—is progressive intolerance. By Keli Goff Posted July 17, 2004 Let’s say, hypothetically, that a charity that serves veterans, based in my home state of Texas—where 23 percent of folks polled believe that President Barack Obama is Muslim—accepts a sizable donation from the Obama family. But after the […]

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A ‘Sterling’ Example Of Our Confusion

  by Ron Busby, Sr. President, U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. Let me get my disclaimer out of the way first… The U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) is a business organization. Our sole purpose is to improve the lives of Black people by actively working to change the market environment. We advocate for improvements in capital access, […]

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NAACP and Black Republican Stereotypes

Last month, Rev. William Barber, President of the NAACP North Carolina State Conference referred to U. S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) as a “A ventriloquist dummy.” Essentially declaring that he is a puppet with White Republican hands at his back controlling what he says and what he does. He never cited his objections about Senator […]

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