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More and more students continue to ask me do they have the right to record the police when they arrive on the scene. NAACP Legal Counsel Khyla D. Craine attempts to answer this question below: The question about our right to film and take pictures of police officers in the line of duty has resurfaced […]

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The Frustration of Black Republicanism

  In 1985, legendary NAACP icon Tarea Hall Pittman said to me as a young teen, “Black people need to have a seat at the table wherever decisions are being made.” She did not just say the Democrat table. The point is, the problems of Black America require all hands on deck. No one should […]

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Obama goes there on ‘acting white’

By Jonathan Capehart July 22, 2014 The Washington Post   In the panoply of insults African Americans hurl at each other, there are two that are meant to stunt the viewpoints and ambitions of their victims. One is being called an “Uncle Tom.” We covered this ground back in May when I urged folks to stop […]

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