If AFSCME Breaks With Black Colleges Over Koch Money, It’s Not Being Principled, It’s Grandstanding

The union’s stance—withdrawing support because the UNCF took Koch money—is progressive intolerance.

By Keli Goff

Posted July 17, 2004

Let’s say, hypothetically, that a charity that serves veterans, based in my home state of Texas—where 23 percent of folks polled believe that President Barack Obama is Muslim—accepts a sizable donation from the Obama family. But after the Obamas’ donation becomes public, the charity winds up losing significant financial support from some of its conservative donors in Texas.

What would we say? We’d probably call that pretty unreasonable. We’d probably say that those who genuinely care about veterans should be able to put aside their political differences in the interest of what’s best for that charity and the people it serves. Right?

That hasn’t really happened—yet—but a very similar real-life situation has been unfolding. The Charles Koch Foundation and Koch Industries made a $25 million donation to the United Negro College Fund. Yes, those Kochs.

And the UNCF—one of the best-known educational organizations in the black community—accepted, prompting criticism from a number of progressives for doing so. Read the Full Story on The Root.com