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Obama goes there on ‘acting white’

By Jonathan Capehart July 22, 2014 The Washington Post   In the panoply of insults African Americans hurl at each other, there are two that are meant to stunt the viewpoints and ambitions of their victims. One is being called an “Uncle Tom.” We covered this ground back in May when I urged folks to stop […]

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Too Many Black Churches Preach the Gospel of Greed

  By Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. New York Times – Originally posted June 25, 2014 I once wrote that the black church was dead. It was a deliberate provocation. I wanted to spark a conversation about the role of black churches in light of contemporary challenges, particularly the crisis of American capitalism. Black pastors preaching the need […]

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If AFSCME Breaks With Black Colleges Over Koch Money, It’s Not Being Principled, It’s Grandstanding

The union’s stance—withdrawing support because the UNCF took Koch money—is progressive intolerance. By Keli Goff Posted July 17, 2004 Let’s say, hypothetically, that a charity that serves veterans, based in my home state of Texas—where 23 percent of folks polled believe that President Barack Obama is Muslim—accepts a sizable donation from the Obama family. But after the […]

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